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New Jersey has the country’s highest percentage of foreclosures among mortgaged homes. Banking and real-estate analysts have determined that the Garden State had achieved a dubious distinction, passing Florida to become the state with the highest percentage of foreclosure among mortgaged homes. NJ also took another unfortunate first place, passing New York for the average length of time to complete a foreclosure, at 1,103 days or just over three years.

Selling your house can be a long, complicated and expensive process. Real estate agents will charge you a percentage of your sale, siphoning thousands of dollars from your bottom line. Avoid realtor fees and take the stress out of selling your property with a fast cash NJ House Buyer. In NJ, a completed foreclosure is no guarantee that a house will come back on the market and be reoccupied anytime soon. It takes 830 days to sell a home in foreclosure, though that is slightly less than in New York and well behind Massachusetts’ average of 1,299 days.

Those empty homes serve as a drag on the market, keeping down prices that collapsed during the recession and leaving many borrowers “underwater,” owing more on their mortgages than the properties are currently worth.

A failed rescue: There have been some highly publicized government efforts to address troubled mortgages. But the largest, a $26 billion deal between the federal government and most states and five major banks to settle mortgage fraud claims, fell well short of its advertising.

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When a loved one passes away, a typical estate often consists of a house, some small bank accounts, a vehicle, and tangible personal property. For many people, the biggest asset they own is a house, and a house can pose the biggest challenge for a small estate. That chore is made easier by making good use of professionals, and dealing with the house in a systematic, open and deliberate way. No obstacles are insurmountable with some diligence and focus on the end game, which is to get the house sold and to distribute the net assets to the people who are entitled to them.

We have helped hundreds of people who were just about to lose their house. We understand what you are going through and we are ready to help you by providing the best solution. Selling a house can be difficult. It can take several months, sometimes years to find a buyer. Work with us and you’ll be able to sell your house within a few days for fast cash!